Gunner’s Quoin Island

Sea excursions and boat trips to Gunner’s Quoin Island

Gunner’s Quoin Island also known as Coin de Mire, is an island located at 8 kilometers from the north coast of Mauritius. The Gunner’s Quoin Island is a natural reserve nestled by a large amount of ‘Paille en Queue’ and other endemic reptiles. With a high cliff of 162 meters, the Gunner’s Quoin Island has a very dominant view compared to Flat Island and Gabriel Island. Unable to dock, the Gunner’s Quoin Island is famous for its seabed and the Confetti Bay, which remains the place not to be missed for snorkelers.

Speedboat trips to Gunner’s Quoin Island

Our speedboat will take you to the Gunner’s Quoin Island in the northern part of Mauritius. Comfortably set onboard the Predator Cruiser, you will be able to admire the coastal villages of La Cuvette, Casita, Pereybere, Pointe d’Azur, Bain Boeuf and Cap-Malheureux while it is cruising a few meters from the coral reefs.

Snorkeling at Gunner’s Quoin Island

The Predator Cruiser offers boat trips and sea excursions on its speedboat to discover the Gunner’s Quoin Island. You have the choice to rent our speedboat for two hours, three hours or several hours. You will have all the equipment suitable for adults and children for snorkeling on our speedboat. After snorkeling at the Gunner’s Quoin Island, you can enjoy the shower on board before a refreshing drink.

Tariffs for speedboat rental to Gunner’s Quoin Island

The rental of Predator Cruiser for your boat trips and sea excursions for Gunner’s Quoin Island can be done for 2 or 3 hours. You can also take for more hours if you wish. You will find our tariffs, different menus and our Wine Card on demand.

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