Flat Island

Sea Excursions to Flat Island in Mauritius

Flat Island is one of the largest islands in the north of Mauritius. Situated at about 8 nautical miles from Grand Bay, Flat Island is dominated by a large hill from where operates a lighthouse. With Gabriel Island in its vicinity, the island is today a sanctuary for many bird species. It was once a place of quarantine in the 19th century for Indian immigrants who wanted to settle in Mauritius at that time. You will find a track of 40 minutes leading to the lighthouse where you will be able to admire the view of Gabriel Island and Gunner’s Quoin Island.

Speedboat trips to Flat Island

Alternative to a 2 hours trip by catamaran, the Predator Cruiser takes you to Flat Island in 35 minutes, which allows you enough time to spend on this beautiful island. You will be able to enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere arriving early on the island. Depending on the seasons, you may have the chance to encounter whales and dolphins while cruising to your destination. If an opportunity arises, the crew will make you contemplate these marine mammals closely in their natural habitat.

Full day on Flat Island in Mauritius

Flat Island is a natural reserve offering a preserved and wild environment. With its beautiful beaches and turquoise water, it is a paradise island to spend a few hours, a half-day or a full day of relaxation and fun with your family or friends. There are also many ruins on this island such as the Governor’s House and the lighthouse. Flat Island offers a splendid opportunity for snorkelers with its breathtaking underwater explorations. At the north of the island, there is the Pigeon Rock, a famous dive site for scuba divers where you can even witness sharks.
On the way back, the Predator Cruiser stops at the bay of Gunner’s Quoin Island to make you discover the thrilling sensations of snorkeling in a place dreamt for.

Tariffs of speedboat rental for Flat Island

The speedboat rental for your sea excursions and boat trips to Flat Island can be done for 3 hours, a half-day or a full day. You will find our Tariffs, different menus and our Wine Card on demand.

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