Dolphins trip

Sea Excursions on the west coast of Mauritius

The dolphin cruise is normally done in the bay of Tamarin and Black River but can be also encountered at Mon Choisy, Trou aux Biches, Pointe aux Piments, Turtle Bay, Albion, Flic en Flac or even Morne Brabant. With a departure from the north of Mauritius to go to the southwest of the island, you will have more chances to come across these magnificent mammals living in the ocean.

Speedboat trips for dolphin encounter

With a high speed of 45 knots and a cruising speed of 25 knots, the Predator Cruiser will take you to the place where you can see the dolphins in less time. Do not forget that the dolphins are also marine mammals that do not live in a closed area, they are in their natural environment and free to move where they want.

Swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat

For security measures, the crew will allow you to swim only if the situation does not represent any danger for you. The presence of many boats can be dangerous to let you swim with the dolphins. As the dolphins move all the time, the boats tend to follow the movements of the dolphins in order to spend more time with them which reduce the safety of the people who are in the water. However, if you can see the dolphins in a place where there are few boats, it will be a great pleasure to offer you the opportunity to swim with the dolphins and you will enjoy an exceptional experience where you will be face to face with these wonderful mammals.

In contrary, it is more suitable to be on the speedboat than in the water when we are at the meeting point with the dolphins. Unfortunately, we tend to see ‘Flipper-the dolphin’ when we are among these mammals in their natural habitat. The dolphins are wild marine mammals that will not let anyone approach them. This is very rare if someone can touch a dolphin in his natural environment.

Dolphins are marine mammals with a playful tendency; they keep moving and diving to go further. It is hard to be in the water and follow the dolphins. It is better to be on the speedboat to follow them. You will enjoy the moment more on the speedboat rather than being in the water.

Our crew will give you a briefing on the instructions once you board the speedboat. They will also explain you the different types of dolphins you may encounter.

Dolphins Excursions / Trips in Mauritius – Types of dolphins

There are two types of dolphins on the west coast of Mauritius, ‘Long Becs’ dolphins and ‘Souffleur’ dolphins. They come to rest and play on this coast before going to hunt and feed themselves in the deep sea.

‘Souffleur’ dolphins- this is the most common type of dolphin, gray in color, between 2 and 4 meters long, they can weight about 150 to 650 kilograms. They usually live in small groups and feed on small fishes. Males and females live separately except during the reproduction periods. The ‘Souffleur’ dolphins are less fierce than the ‘Long Becs’ dolphins. Flipper was a ‘Souffleur’ dolphin and you could see how close he was to human beings.

‘Long Becs’ dolphins – this type of dolphin has a long and slender beak. They are dark gray with darker spots on the tail, back and throat. You can also see a white creamy patch on their belly as well. This type of adult dolphin is 120 to 235 centimeters in size and weighs between 23 to 78 kilograms. They have a gestation period of 10 months and reach maturity between 4-7 years for females, 7-10 years for males. Unfortunately, their length of life is not known. They usually live in groups of few dolphins to thousands.

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