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The Predator Cruiser was conceived by people with vision and passion – people who have spent years thinking about a performance speedboat with a race-derived deep-V hull, stable at high speed and unique in its kind in Mauritius and with the latest technology.
The history begins with a speedboat of 16 feet long with an engine of 135 horses V6 of two strokes, a speedboat that could reach up to 50 knots while cruising. Another speedboat of 16 feet long was conceived mainly for speed with hydraulic flaps reaching up to 55 knots.
Later, we wanted to build something more genuine. The first Predator was built with 35 feet long with an engine of 300 horses with two strokes, which reached easily the 60 knots.

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We understood at the time that we needed a bigger boat, with a small draught enough to access the islands like Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Ambre Island and Bernache Island and also in some places where we could see the dolphins in their natural environment. We wanted a boat about 42 to 45 feet long with two engines of 450 horsepower.

The main idea was to start with surface propellers for the speed level and for its consumption in terms of fuel. A bigger boat with a small draught was needed, enough to access the nothern islands of Mauritius: Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Guneer’s Quoin Island, Ambre Island, Bernache Island and to Tamarin and Black River to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. A boat of 42 to 45 feet long equipped with two engines of 450 horsepowers was built.

In a boat show at Salon Nautique de Paris, we met the famous naval architect Michel Joubert. He was interested in the project and designed the speedboat with his worldwide recognised experience and competence.

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Two years later, we came up with the actual Predator Cruiser, a 13.8 meters long yacht with two engines of 450 horsepower with Seafury surface propellers. The choice for Seafury’s surface propellers was due to its shallow draft, reliability and speed. We were able to build a unique boat to meet our expectations.

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